What’s good Bravo?

Since graduating college in May, I  couldn’t remember being more excited to apply for a job than I was when I applied for The Bravo Group internship in Pittsburgh. It was June when I submitted my application, and at that point in the summer I was spending hours every day looking on the Internet for jobs and making phone calls to the people I knew that might help me find some kind of professional, post-graduate work.
Duquesne University LogoFor a while, my job search was really unsuccessful. My problem was that for four years, I studied International Relations and Spanish at Duquesne University because I always told myself that I wanted to work for the US Department of State. I also wrote for my school’s newspaper because I liked the idea of working as a correspondent in a foreign country. I felt naïve when I eventually came to terms with the fact that newspapers are not hiring because the print journalism industry is shrinking, and that my chances of getting a job with the State Department or any government agency right out of college were about as likely as my childhood dream of taking Jennifer Anniston out on romantic dinner dates coming true. When I discovered Bravo as a public advocacy firm that does a lot of work in government relations, and that they were hiring a fall intern in Pittsburgh, I was pumped. Bravo was unique to any other company I had researched, and given my interests in government affairs and writing, I applied.
Once my application was submitted, I sent Kim Whetsell 10-20 emails over the course of the new few weeks telling her how interested I was in the internship, killed it in an interview with her and Matt Crocco, and then sent Kim about 30-40 more follow-up emails thanking her for the interview. I remember the day that Jill Smith called to tell me that I had gotten the Bravo internship in Pittsburgh. It was a Wednesday night in August, I was working at a bar-restaurant, and I didn’t answer her call. But when I later listened to her voicemail, I was thrilled to hear that out of all the qualified candidates for The Bravo Group internship in Pittsburgh, I was the chosen one. Kim later told me that she scheduled four people to interview for the position, two of whom never showed up.
I’ve now been interning at Bravo for a month and I really like the work I do here. My favorite part of the day happens in the morning.When I arrive to the office, my first responsibility is to pick through the day’s news sources and assemble clips of breaking stories relevant to Bravo’s clients. I’m specifically responsible for news in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale drilling and health care industries.It’s simple work, but interesting to me, too. At Duquesne, I liked studying International Relations because I felt like my homework every day was to read the news from around the world. At Bravo, I like assembling daily media clips because I enjoy staying informed about current events relevant to law and politics in Pennsylvania.
Life after morning news clips is still exciting, though. Work at Bravo changes every day. I’ve already spoken at information presentations about Pennsylvania’s new Voter ID law, written press releases for Bravo’s corporate clients, and I could easily put together a portfolio of the Excel spreadsheets I’ve filled with research. Overall, I can already tell that my communication skills as a Bravo intern have improved. I hope this continues and I look forward to writing for this blog through the next few months of my internship.
-Will D.

Picture Credit (1): http://www.natcom.org


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