Meet Megan Earley

Megan EarleyFormer intern-turned-full-time employee Megan Earley took the time to grace us with her newly hired presence. She acted just the way I expected – nice and really fun to talk to. Prior to our conversation today, Megan and I had only exchanged a few emails and spoke on the phone when something went wrong with Meltwater.
(To be honest, ‘something going wrong with Meltwater’ only happened once. The rest of the times were me just trying to avoid a 9 a.m. breakdown when I would click an incorrect button and nearly destroy the energy distribution newsletter.)
Megan is clearly great at what she does, and after a twenty-minute phone conversation it became clear that she’s winning in all aspects of her life. Here’s some insight on what it’s like to be Megan Earley:
She just showed up one day
Well, not really, though she never technically applied to intern here
Earley was recruited to Bravo after a previous employer passed her name along to Rhett. Her skills and work ethic stood out to the point where we just had to have her as part of the Bravo Group.
“I did it all through networking,” she said.
During her time as an intern, Earley played a large role in re-vamping the Healthpoint website. She also worked on other projects, such as Voter ID law education for the Pennsylvania Department of State and public relations for Commonwealth Connections Academy.
She loved being heavily involved with projects and reading about her clients in the news.
“I’m happy I did this internship before trying to apply for other positions,” Earley said. “It gave me confidence knowing that I can do this and do it well.”
She’ll beat you in a marathon
And in a reading contest
Earley is a self-proclaimed fitness junkie and has been running cross country for years. She was a member of the track and cross country teams at Mt. Saint Mary’s University in Maryland – all while simultaneously participating in the campus ministry and maintaining good grades.
She spends her free time after work coaching cross country at the local middle school in Mechanicsburg, PA.
“[Assistant coaching] helps keep me in and around the sport,” Earley said, adding that she could never be a full-time teacher because the kids are a lot to handle sometimes.
“If I just go tell them to run, they’ll be quiet,” she said, jokingly.
Earley is also an avid reader. She’s currently in the middle of Andy Andrews’ The Traveler’s Gift (for the second time) and reads her other favorite novels when she needs “a life pick-me-up.”
As much as she loves running and being active, Earley LOVES sitting on the couch and watching T.V. Grey’s AnatomyScandal and How I Met Your Motherare her among her favorite shows.
“We have a DVR but I still don’t know how to use it,” she said.
All she wants to do is run around in a princess costume
But don’t we all?
Earley’s ultimate dream job (other than Bravo) is a culmination of both her love for running and Mr. Walt Disney. Earley would one day love to work event planning for Run Disney, a weekend that includes a half marathon where participants dress up as their favorite Disney characters.
Earley plans on running the princess marathon with her sister first, adding that she would dress up as either Cinderella or Minnie Mouse because their costumes would be easy to wear during the race. (She’s so good at cross country that wearing glass slippers during a marathon doesn’t even bother her!)
“I would dress up as Alice in Wonderland if I was a character working in the park,” Earley said. “That would be the coolest costume to wear on hot days.”
Earley always seems to be thinking ahead. I’m pretty sure that’s why she fits in perfectly here.

-Samantha Arcieri


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