Hello PR World!

Coming off the chaos of just graduating Penn State and interning in New York City over the summer, I frantically packed my car on the morning of September 3, 2012, and couldn’t get my mind off several things:
  •           I don’t know anything about Philadelphia.
  •           I’m not quite sure what PR agencies do.
  •           This is the fourth time I’ve moved since May.
After an exhausting hour of trying to fit all of my belongings in my backseat, I was finally packed and ready to venture west down route 70 to my new home in Center City.
sam aAs a native to the Jersey Shore (NO- not the kind of Jersey Shore you see on TV), I spent my free time traveling to New York in hopes of one day working in the city that never sleeps. After all, my love of the Jets and uncanny/borderline creepy resemblance to city native Lena Dunham –writer and star of HBO series ‘Girls’– allowed me to fit right in.
All of that changed after I accepted an internship at the Bravo Group – and good thing it did!
I was greeted by a friendly staff on my first day of work. Well, technically I greeted them first with a hecticand not one bit dramatic phone call about how I was lost and didn’t know where to park. I was quickly introduced to the interworkings of the Bravo Group and even had the chance to sit next to the CEO at a lunch event on my second day. (NBD.)
Without getting too mushy and sentimental about what I’ve learned and how much I like working here so far, here is a sentence that perfectly describes my feelings about this company:
The Bravo Group is made up of an extremely talented and funny mix of people who do important things to make this state –and nation– a better place; half of the employees are pregnant and all of them hate using Skype because it never works properly.
As of now, I like to describe myself as a New York–loving –New Jersey– native who is proud to call Philadelphia her home. One thing, however, will always remain the same. You will never catch me in an Eagles jersey on game day.
-Samantha Arcieri

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