minette 2So, you hear the word intern, what do you think of? Maybe coffee runs, running errands, or even sharpening pencils (do people even sharpen pencils anymore). Well, my experience has been a little different.
Hey! My name is Minette; I’m a 20-something year old graduate student. I recently obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Public Relations and I am currently pursuing a Masters of Public Administration.
The last five years of my life I’ve took on a leadership role in some capacity through clubs, organizations, volunteering and interning. I sometimes call myself the serial intern because I’ve held several internships.
This blog is awesome because here I’ll rant and rave about my current internship with Bravo Group. What’s Bravo Group you ask? Oh it’s Pennsylvania’s secret weapon! No, but seriously it’s this awesome hybrid company of public relations and government relations. While doing my undergraduate degree, I came up with this swanky, cutting edge company that merged my two loves— talking and politics.
In my mind, this company was in this cool historic building that had modern features and was in the middle of a city. Enter in Bravo. My dreams came true. This company literally merged together the cool things you talked about in Public Relations Theory, but also infused the crucial things we discussed in my Public Policy courses.
I’ve been with Bravo for about a month and it’s been an amazing ride so far. I’ve been able to learn some cool things about how the PR and GR process work both separately and together.
My presence here on the blog is really to show what being a graduate student and intern means. I’ll share some funny stories, tips, and great information about Bravo with you and hopefully it’ll come in handy when you find that company of your dreams to work for.

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